Urine vs. Hair Drug Test for New Hires

Urine vs. Hair Drug Test for New Hires

With so many applicants for every job, employers are able to find the most qualified candidate for every position. In order to do this, they have to screen applicants very carefully. They use a variety of tools to screen out applicants who aren’t likely to succeed in the role, including background checks and drug tests. Employers can find out whether a person who want about a candidate before giving them a position at the company. Some employers are most interested in educational background and others are particularly concerned with whether a job candidate has ever been arrested.

Information about a potential employee’s background can give an employer an idea of whether or not they will fit in with the culture of the company as well as whether they’ll be able to fulfill the expectation of their new position. Drug tests are often used in addition to background checks to find out whether a new employee will turn out to be a huge problem for the business. After a company decides they want to screen new hires for drugs they have to choose between a urine vs. hair drug test. Urine tests offer fast results but they are also very easy for a drug user to pass.

Potential employees who know they can’t pass a drug test might bring clean urine with them to the testing site, which might result in an addict getting a position working with medications or dangerous equipment. Companies that need to ensure their employees are not impaired while they are working might want to invest in a testing method that is more accurate and more difficult to beat. While there are methods a drug user can use to get a negative result on a hair drug test, these techniques are more expensive and less likely to work than the ones that have been developed for urine tests.

Drug screening is just one tool an employer can use to help them choose the right candidate for a position at the company. By testing applicants, a company may be able to avoid investing in drug users that will cause more harm than good for their company’s reputation.

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